Furniture Reupholstering & Restoration

Furniture Upholstering

Design Craft Upholstery specializes in furniture reupholstering and furniture restoration in Lynnwood, Everett, Seattle and the surrounding areas. From wood, leather, and cloth to many other materials, each piece is treated as a unique work of art. Working carefully and meticulously on each piece, my wife, Shelley, and I restore classic furniture masterpieces and antiques to their original beauty, structure and integrity.


Modern, mass-produced furniture items do not hold up aesthetically or physically to the high standards that real craftsmen put into their pieces. With furniture reupholstering and furniture restoration services in Lynnwood, we can create and restore pieces with character and depth. While modern furniture uses cheap materials and repetitive processes, classic pieces and antiques use extraordinary craftsmanship to make furniture that stands the test of time. We work to restore these pieces and heal damage that has detracted from their beauty, uniqueness and strength. We strip pieces as needed that have been scratched or badly refinished, re-glue, reinforce and replace parts that have been damaged, replace padding, fabrics and more. We also build custom furniture with the same level of personal craftsmanship and detail that we use to restore our pieces. All custom furniture pieces can be individually styled to meet your specifications, including colors, frame, shape, height and more.

Our Available Services:

Antique Restoration
Upholstery Restoration
Furniture Restoration
Creative Upholstery

Get your furniture expertly reupholstered and restored. Call 435-775-7620 to learn more and get a quote.