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Every furniture piece is different and requires individual care and attention to properly restore. We provide antique furniture refinishing and repair in the Seattle, Washington, area for all kinds of valuable antiques. Contact us to get estimates for your antique furniture repair, and we will provide you with an accurate quote for the job.

Your antique furniture refinishing quote depends on a variety of factors. The level of wear or damage that needs to be restored plays a large role in the amount of time and the materials that go into the restoration. In addition, the type and size of the piece play an important role. Lastly, the time period the piece is from and the level of detail involved are also decisive factors. Pieces with regular wear that has occurred over time or pieces with minor damages will require less attention than pieces with serious damages. Large cracks in wood features, arms or legs that are cracked or broken, tears in upholstery or other serious frame or upholstery damage will require more attention. Regardless of the level of damage or the type of antique you have, we have the skills, tools and techniques to repair the damage without sacrificing the unique personality of the piece.

Tell us about your antique, and we can provide you with a quote. Upload a picture so we can see more details, and we will return your inquiry with an accurate estimate as soon as we can.
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