Upholstery Restoration & Repair

Whether you have a valuable antique, a beloved family heirloom or a special piece that makes your home or business complete, you want it to look its best. Design Craft Upholstery helps you do that with complete upholstery restoration, custom upholstery and antique restoration in Lynnwood for furniture pieces of all types. We restore the color and vibrancy of upholstery, remove scratches and cracks from wood, reseal and rejoin broken pieces, revitalize the shine and smoothness of leather, and more.


For more than three decades, we have restored valuable antiques and other furniture items. For antique chairs, sofas, lounges and other pieces, upholstery is one of the most important parts. As the furniture ages, the colors begin to fade in the upholstery and the details become muddled. This makes the piece look old and detracts from its elegance. Upholstery can also become torn, which not only detracts from the value and appearance of the piece, but can also make it impossible to continue using. We use our experience, resources, specialized tools and dedication to remove the evidence of damage and make the piece attractive, valuable and usable again.


From touch-ups to complete restorations, we work on all types of furniture. Browse our site or contact us to learn more about our services, our techniques and the many pieces we work with.